Integrity Matters: July 2022

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Eight years ago, one of my first projects with Integrity was a review of the UK’s remote management practices in Somalia. This focused on Third Party Monitoring (TPM), which was a rapidly expanding field at the time particularly in contexts where security risks limited their presence and ability to visit project sites. In the years since that initial study, Integrity has delivered hundreds of projects in multiple countries, becoming a small business leader in TPM, bringing the best-of-sector standards to TPM management and technical approaches.  We see TPM as a learning and accountability tool, designed to support real-time programmatic course corrections.

We operate at the cutting edge of evolving TPM methodology, adapting our best practise to factor in the unpredictable effects of pandemics, hazardous weather, political volatility and violent conflicts and humanitarian crises. Over the years, we have honed our TPM approach, understanding that operating in some of the most challenging environments requires a focus on collaboration and information sharing to support programme implementation. We have adapted our TPM toolkit to offer a wide array of options that we can adapt depending on the monitoring objectives, sector, information requirements, levels of access, and security risks.

We have captured our experience in TPM in a new capability statement, which you can read in this edition of Integrity Matters.  We are also proud to share project examples from our growing portfolio of TPM work. We are quick to adapt to the ever-changing complex challenges around the globe while continuing to deliver innovative and sector-leading TPM services, do contact us to find out more.

Kind regards,
Kathryn Rzeszut
Senior Expert – Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning

Spotlight: Our Third Party Monitoring (TPM) Service

Our Third-Party Monitoring team helps clients in government, international development and the private sector to succeed in these challenging environments, while building trust and giving voice to local people. Our access and trust at the community level combine with our global perspective, enabling us to produce powerful recommendations and deliver positive and sustainable change. Our multinational team of over 60 specialists has extensive experience of delivering complex programmes in fragile geographies across Africa, Asia and the Middle East. We operate globally, with offices in the UK, US, Jordan, Pakistan and Kenya.


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