Our Values

Sustainability, Accountability and Prosperity

At Integrity much of our work contributes to the transformation of conflict, recovery from natural or man-made disaster, economic regeneration and the effectiveness and accountability of aid and assistance. Our aim is to help our clients improve the sustainability, accountability and prosperity of the contexts where they work. The international community and global private sector can help communities to recover by supporting these aims.

Our Commitment

Integrity upholds the highest ethical standards in our service delivery, our employment of staff and our interactions with people. Through adherence to our core values we ensure not only that our clients receive the best possible service but that we benefit the individuals and communities amongst whom we work. We do not target or deceive, we work to understand and support. We do not programme at people and groups, we programme with them.

Our Values

Commitment: We are committed to enabling positive and enduring change in conflict-affected and fragile environments.

Presence: We are present on the ground in the geographies where we work in order to understand the context and the people.

Objectivity: We do not advocate: we listen, comprehend and recommend. Our recommendations are not based on assumptions or ideology but evidence and learning.

Inclusivity: Our clients benefit from community access to the design, delivery, learning and outputs of interventions affecting them. Giving them a strong voice in the programmes that impact them improves the programmes and makes them more sustainable. Integrity’s management benefits from team access to strategy, organisation design and decisions making. Giving the team a strong voice improves the organisation and makes it more sustainable.

Diversity: Our team reflects and incorporates the diversity of the communities and clients for whom we work. Our culture promotes the richness and nuance brought by diverse perspectives, backgrounds, ideas and identities.

Transparency: We are open and clear to all with whom we work about who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Sensitivity: It is important to understand the impact of our presence and our work, empathise with people’s situations and not do harm.

Diligence: Rigorous thinking is the bedrock on which to base successful programming. This is both reflective and collaborative in nature in order to incorporate our best individual and collective intellect.

Courage: We work on some of the world’s most harrowing challenges and violent conflicts. We have the bravery to challenge clients on their assumptions and thinking because we know it gives them the best service. We are unafraid to stand up to unethical practises in the sectors in which we work.

Accountability: Our people take responsibility for the quality of our work and performance. We hold ourselves to account by clear policy and process, sustained by long-term profitability.

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