Our Work

Stability, Accountability and Prosperity

Integrity is a service provider and a consultancy. Our clients are governments, international organisations and global private companies. We help them succeed in fragile and complex contexts while building trust and understanding as the basis for transformative change.

We offer ethically informed, expert and complementary services across a range of thematics  and geographies. This three-dimensional approach enables us to tailor our offer to best meet our client needs and uphold our own high standards of delivery.


We offer ethically-informed, expert and complementary services, working across all stages of the policy, programme and project cycle.


We bring subject expertise across a range of  thematics, through which we build knowledge and help transform complex contexts.


We work across a number of diverse and unique geographies, each with their own complex political, economic and social challenges. ​

Our Capabilities

” Our global perspective, combined with our trusted local networks, enable us to produce powerful recommendations that contribute to sustainable change.”

Team Insights

Our Bespoke Services

Our clients have diverse, complex needs that often require a unique blend of services. We develop tailored, multi-disciplinary solutions that are just right for addressing client priorities. We understand that employing strong data and knowledge management approaches is most powerful when joined up with other services, including Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning, Research, Evidence and Analysis, and Capacity Development.

Our Expertise

We offer leading thematic expertise on different topics, providing expert sector knowledge and crucial understanding of the evidence on the subject matter. In an area such as health, specific sector expertise on strengthening health systems or management of disease outbreaks are essential to drive best value from our services and ensuring their relevance to decision-makers and wider stakeholders.

Our Geographic Focus

Our diverse geographic capabilities are pivotal to providing a range of services to our clients. Foremost, our on the ground presence allows our clients the access and perspective they require to design and deliver interventions specifically tailored to the local context. Moreover, our emphasis on building partnerships with organisations and individuals that augment our geographic capabilities allows us to deliver services rooted in cultural understanding, thus achieving the desired impact.

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