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Gambela, Ethiopia

Integrity sets the international standard for ethically delivered, expert services in conflict, post-conflict and fragile contexts. Through our work, we transform conflict and build stability, accountability and prosperity.

Listen, Comprehend, Recommend

Integrity is an international consultancy and ethical service provider. Based on evidence and learning, we help clients and communities to build trust and understanding as the basis for transformative change. We do not advocate: we listen, comprehend and recommend.

The Integrity Story

Damascus, Syria

Damascus, Syria

Integrity started as an idea in 2009 in Damascus, Syria. For all its problems, Damascus at that time wasn’t the capital of a country at war with itself. For many citizens of neighbouring Iraq it was a sanctuary from their war-torn country. These refugees were hosted and assisted by their Syrian neighbours, and by a talented community of conflict specialists and humanitarians. International donors worked with local service providers to support the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who had been displaced by the tragedy unfolding in their country.

Crucial to their work were the local Syrians and Iraqis who assisted in their work, facilitated the research at a community level, collected the data and often interviewed the refugees in Arabic.   Founding directors Anthony Ellis and Andrew Cleary met in Damascus and discovered their shared passion for bringing a local focus to the work of international actors.

Individuals and communities in conflict-affected states, they felt were often subject to international programming without that programming being accountable to them. Moreover international programming, to be effective, needed to be based on more and better evidence of the circumstances local communities lived in than was typically the case. Read the full story >

Stability, Accountability and Prosperity

Democratic Republic of Congo

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

We believe that the three most important components of conflict-transformation are stability, accountability and prosperity. The international community and global private sector can help communities to recover from conflict by supporting these aims.

We add value to our clients’ work through our presence on the ground and our deep understanding of the place and its people. We invest in long-term local offices and sustained relationships with local partners in the geographies where we work.

Our access and trust at community level and our combination of global and local perspectives produce powerful recommendations for our clients. Rigorous research is the bedrock on which successful business and donor programming is based. Communities also benefit from having access to research results, particularly if they are to have a voice in the economies and programmes that impact them.

Our Capacity and Expertise

Integrity employs a multinational team of project managers and implementers, thematic and regional experts, researchers, evaluators and analysts with years of experience delivering complex programmes in fragile geographies across Africa, Asia and the Middle East. With 37 staff world-wide and access to over four hundred hand-picked consultants, Integrity has the capacity and expertise to deliver what its clients need, where they need it.

Toby Arul-Pragasam

Head of Programme Management and Implementation

Will Lowrie

Data and Knowledge Manager

Kathryn Rzeszut

Design, Monitoring & Evaluation Manager

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Our Ethics Statement

South Sudan

Integrity upholds the highest ethical standards in our research methodologies, our employment of local staff and our interaction with local communities. Through adherence to our core values of collaboration, transparency and trust we ensure not only that our clients receive the best possible service but that we benefit the communities in which we operate.

What Integrity Means To Us

“Working with a team that really believes in the difference they are making and are so passionate about what they do makes Integrity the best place for me to fully utilise my skills in a way that benefits others.”

“I wanted to join Integrity because its work is contributing to better-informed decision making by the international community. Integrity is providing significant benefits to those on the ground by supporting local researchers and at the highest level by bringing credible information to key stakeholders. I feel privileged to be part of the positive change that comes from these efforts.”