Welcome to Integrity
We are an international consultancy and service provider working on complex and challenging issues around the globe.
Our Vision
To set the international standard for ethically delivered, expert services. Our work helps create stability, accountability and prosperity.
Trusted Advice
We are a trusted adviser to leaders. Blending the best from research and consulting we help them evolve their organisations, navigate sensitive issues and execute high impact strategies.
Valued Services
We help our clients in government, the private sector and the international community to meet complex challenges through trusted advice and key services. We do not advocate we listen, comprehend and recommend.
Global and Local
Our access and trust at a community level combined with our global perspective produces powerful recommendations and delivers positive and sustainable change.

Our Capabilities

We offer ethically informed, expert and complementary services across a range of sectors and geographies. This three-dimensional approach enables us to tailor our offer to best meet our client needs and uphold our own high standards of delivery.


We offer ethically informed, expert and complementary services, working across all stages of the policy, programme and project cycle.


We bring subject expertise across a range of  sectors, through which we build knowledge and help transform complex contexts.


We work across a number of diverse and unique geographies, each with their own complex political, economic and social challenges. ​


Integrity Projects

At Integrity we work in the service of our clients. Our services are underpinned by the principles on which the company was founded: to help and inform through expert understanding of local context, ethical procurement and contracting, and a commitment to high quality work. Through our service delivery we fulfil our mission to help clients and communities build trust and understanding as the basis for transformative change.

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