Learning and Monitoring Programme – Somalia (LAMPS): Independently monitoring how UK investment is changing the lives of the people of Somalia


Country / date: Somalia, 2016-2020

Partner: DFID Somalia

Somalia is one of the world’s poorest and most fragile states and one of the most challenging operating environments in which the UK supports development. Improving security is a priority, including managing the threat that terrorism poses to Somalia, the region and potentially further afield. It sits at the bottom of most development league tables, with widespread poverty and inequality, very low human development indicators, endemic violence and discrimination against women and girls, a persistent humanitarian crisis, a weak economy, and a tiny public purse. Four out of five Somalis live below the national poverty line, and nearly one in 10 of Somalia’s 12 million people are internally displaced as a result of conflict and humanitarian crisis. – DFID Somalia Profile 2017

With an annual budget of over £100m, DFID Somalia is working to build stability and institutions, build resilience to crises and basic services coverage and accelerate Somalia’s economic recovery. This includes supporting the establishment of a more stable and increasingly functional federal Somalia working towards increased democracy, transparency and accountability to its citizens; better management of the economy, public finances and national resources and; improved security and increased access to justice for all citizens, including women and girls.

We verify and validate the programme delivery of DFID’s implementing partners in Somalia while helping DFID and their partners to deliver more effectively.

We are entrusted to help DFID understand what and how its partners are delivering in Somalia, as well as supporting those partners in improving their own monitoring and evaluation systems. From verifying a building that has been refurbished to validating training received by Somali government counterparts, our Kenya and Somalia-based team helps DFID deliver a better development programme for Somalia.

Our team of monitors collect primary data which is analysed and presented to DFID through our bespoke online data platform, “Aqoonta”. We work collaboratively and empathetically with our colleagues from DFID-Somalia and its implementing partners to report and use data to help partners learn.

This support to DFID Somalia and its implementing partners demonstrates our expertise in making complex data useful, our management of remote data collection and data platform capabilities.

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