Integrity Is 12! 

Integrity is 12

As Integrity celebrates its birthday, I am struck by how incredibly relevant our work continues to be. For 12 years we have delivered high-quality evidence for busy leaders and policy makers whilst also providing detailed information to programme managers and professionals who are knee-deep in the delivery of global projects. 

Year-on-year the world continues to grapple with dramatic social, environmental, and political shifts. This means that Integrity’s work has adapted and grown to bring important new evidence, insights, and engagement. We continue to progress sustainable development on some of the world’s most pressing and complex challenges – economic and societal sustainability, climate security, cyber security and fragility and violent conflict.  

As our relevance grows, so does our experience and our team. Integrity now employs more than 60 specialist staff across global offices in the USA, Kenya, Pakistan, Jordan, and the UK. Our commitment and professionalism are ever evident in the tangible and emerging impact that we witness our work having. From the cross cutting role of social protection in responding to environmental crisis, to our adaptable third party monitoring skills that enable others to see clarity in complex settings and supporting organisational learning at the highest levels of government, we combine a range of key technical skills with rich sector expertise.   

While we are perhaps best known for our work around Fragility and Violent Conflict, in 2021 we  also experienced a significant demand to work on Humanitarian Assistance. In addition to a five-year  USAID South Sudan Monitoring and Evaluation Support Project (MESP) – with USAID’s Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance - we now also manage a range of shorter evaluation projects focused on humanitarian support in crisis settings.  

“The modelling developed is enabling us to effectively manage the immense pressures faced… to my knowledge it is a first in bringing together qualitative and financial data to support adaptive portfolio management at pace.”

Senior Joint Funds Unit stakeholder,

HM Government, UK

Listen, Comprehend and Recommend 

The past year has also seen us grow our communications and learning services. In supporting global brands such as Arup and the Lego Foundation, we have used creative communications approaches to enable stakeholders to better understand their networks and support their initiatives that will ultimately support them to flourish and grow.  

“I cannot help smiling, when thinking back on the winding paths that have led us here – how lucky we have been with your myriad talents steering us clear of the woods.”

Hanne Jensen, Evidence Specialist, Lego Foundation

So, I am thrilled to be able to say that Integrity is 12 years old! I am delighted to say that our portfolio of projects is rich and diverse, the team has grown in scale and understanding and I am proud of our continued belief in the power to Listen, Comprehend and Recommend. Twelve years ago, when we started, we committed to an approach that places people’s needs at the heart of the organisation. Our commitment to that remains steadfast. In a world that is information rich and time poor, Integrity values listening and is acutely aware of the complexities and challenging contexts in which it works. It is through these strengths that I believe we will continue to grow.   

As ever,  

Anthony Ellis, Integrity Founder, and CEO. 


Image credit: Dulce Pedroso, Senior Manager, Design and Learning at Integrity.

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