The LEGO Foundation MEL Partnership on Playful Schools Initiative

Location/Date: Global (September – January 2021)

Client: The LEGO Foundation

Project Objectives:

Building on our successful work with the LEGO Foundation, we were commissioned to help strengthen and articulate the theoretical underpinnings of the Playful School Initiative. As part of this project, we are charged with creating a conceptual MEL framework to support the initiative’s developmental evaluation and learning needs. The approach draws on theories of social practice, complex contagion and social capital to arrive at a framework that can assist the initiative connect and empower social innovators and influence social change in a complex, uncertain environment.

Project Outcomes:

The project outcome will be a conceptual MEL framework that can be adapted for the different contexts where the Playful School Initiative is active. This aims to help improve accountability, investigate outcomes and foster learning both within the foundation and among its wider network.

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