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Our Third Party Monitoring Capability

Third-Party Monitoring (TPM) is the delivery of independent monitoring services. It involves systematically collecting and analysing data to provide the main stakeholders of an ongoing intervention with information on progress and to support decision-making.

At Integrity we do not see TPM as purely an inspection function, but rather a learning tool, designed to support real-time programmatic course corrections. We have honed our TPM approach, understanding that operating in some of the most challenging environments requires a focus on collaboration and information sharing to support programme implementation.

Our experience and TPM approaches are now available as a capability statement.

 In this Integrity Insights story, Integrity Senior Manager Ahmed Jawad, draws on examples from our TPM work in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, you can view some of our recent TPM projects here:

Third Party Monitoring of the Building Disaster Resilience in Pakistan (BDRP) programme – Phase II – (

Third Party Monitoring and Evaluation of the Multi-Year Humanitarian Programme (MYHP) – (

Learning and Monitoring Programme – Somalia (LAMPS): Independently monitoring how UK investment is changing the lives of the people of Somalia – (

Our experience has helped us adapt to ever-changing complex challenges around the globe while continuing to deliver innovative and sector leading TPM services. Discover more about Integrity’s Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning techniques or email us at [email protected] to discuss how we can support your programmes.