Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning


Our Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Services

We offer ethically informed, expert and complementary services, working across all stages of the policy, programme and project cycle. Our ability to independently monitor services, involves systematically collecting and analysing data to provide the main stakeholders of an ongoing intervention with information on progress and to support decision making.

What We Do

We help our clients increase the value, impact and sustainability of their programming through measuring performance and progress. Whether as a third-party monitor, evaluator or implementing partner, we help ensure accountability and oversight.

We support our clients to use evidence from delivery to learn and improve and to make better informed decisions on projects, programmes and policies. Improving accountability helps build trust with stakeholders.

How We Deliver
  • Qualitative data collection and analysis (e.g. Key Informant Interviews or Focus Group Discussions)
  • Quantitative data collection and analysis
  • Impact, process and portfolio evaluations
  • Third party monitoring (spot checks, verifications and performance)
  • Theory of Change analysis
  • Results Framework analysis
  • Contribution analysis
  • Experimental and quasi-experimental techniques
  • Participatory methods including outcomes harvesting
  • Case studies
  • Learning solutions

Integrity Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Project Summaries

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