Learning Event: Delivering Data and Knowledge Management Systems

Learning Event: Delivering Data & Knowledge Management Systems

On Wednesday 19th July, Integrity’s Data and Knowledge Manager, Will Lowrie, presented to the team on Integrity’s expertise in developing knowledge management systems for projects in delivery, particularly in Somalia.

Since joining Integrity in 2013, Will has been implementing technology-led systems, communications platforms, databases and project management suites to help teams deliver complex projects in challenging environments. Additionally, Will manages Integrity’s dedicated Data and Knowledge Management team and network of deployable information management specialists.

Will’s presentation to the team was on a digital platform that Integrity has developed in collaboration with its partner to provide monitoring, evaluation and learning for the entirety of a client’s portfolio in Somalia. This system is designed to facilitate concise and transparent verification planning, delivery and reporting which provides the client with ‘near real-time’ access to verification data. The summary reports generated from the data collection are visual and succinct, and include actionable recommendations. These reports are sent to the client with integrated feedback loops with implementing partners to ensure they continue to be meaningful in the long-term. The platform will be the vehicle for 600 verification summary reports in the lifecycle of the programme, and will be continually improved to ensure it is relevant to its users today and in future programming.

Integrity is experienced designing tailored Data and Knowledge Management solutions to support its projects. For example, Integrity has devised a project management solution to facilitate collaboration across a geographically disperse team on an ongoing programme aimed at strengthening Human Rights in Tanzania.

To get support with your project’s data and knowledge management needs, contact Will Lowrie at [email protected].

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