Independent Consultants, SAHEL

Independent Consultants, SAHEL – HRO309

Part-time, long term consultancy positions based remotely.

Closing date for applications: 6 March 2022.

FCDO is developing the Sahel Independent Monitoring and Assurance Programme (SIMAP) which is planned to cover a period of roughly four and a half years. The intention is that this will increase the performance of the portfolio and reduce risk exposure for the FCDO. By including a people centered approach, it is also the intention that SIMAP will strengthen accountability to beneficiaries and provide a tangible demonstration of the FCDO’s ambition to be a force for good. It is envisaged that SIMAP will undertake a range of activities to deliver on the programme’s two objectives, as set out below. The independent monitoring provider will be expected to use digital solutions and demonstrate a strong focus on innovation to maximise reach and increase value for money. Monitoring products will prioritise utility in their design, to ensure findings are used by both FCDO staff and partners to adapt and improve programmes.

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