Data and Knowledge Management

Our Data and Knowledge Management Services

Our Data and Knowledge Management services enable evidence-based decision making for our clients.

What We Do

Enabling evidence-based decision making

Integrity’s in-house Data & Knowledge Management team enables evidence-based decision making for our clients. Through our combined information management skills, systems and processes, we facilitate communication, understanding and learning.

From conception to close-down, we use our knowledge management systems to enable efficient, effective, safe and sustainable programme management and implementation.

We integrate data and knowledge management best practice with accurate and accountable data collection to optimise the quality of our services.

What We Offer

Suitable, cost-effective and sustainable solutions

Our in-house team collaborates with clients and partners to provide suitable, cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

We tailor access to information using a combination of capabilities, services and tools, including:



Sample Tools

Digital Data Collection

Identification, configuration, training, and deployment of digital data collection platforms, including mobile apps, SMS, IVR, and web-based solutions to enable efficient, high-quality data collection.

KoBo Toolbox, SurveyCTO, FrontlineSMS, ONA, Magpi

Data Visualisation

Design and development of data visualisations – including interactive charts, graphs, and maps to demonstrate trends, patterns and relationships in project reports and dashboards.

PowerBI, Tableau, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Kumu, Gephi

Geographic Information Systems

Use of geographic information systems (GIS) to visualize and analyze geospatial data. GIS solutions enable our teams to observe, demonstrate, and respond to location-based trends.

Integrity’s Database-connected Mapping Tool, Carto, ArcGIS

Quantitative Data Analysis

Analysis of quantitative data using tools such as SPSS and Stata, including statistical analysis of quantitative data to identify relationships, measure trends, and evaluate outcomes.


Qualitative Data Analysis

Analysis of quantitative data using tools such as SPSS and Stata, including statistical analysis of quantitative data to identify relationships, measure trends, and evaluate outcomes.

NVivo, MaxQDA

Big Data Analytics

Capabilities for the use of big data analytics including media monitoring and analysis and satellite imagery to support atmospheric reporting and context monitoring in projects.

Media monitoring and analysis; Satellite imagery analysis and remote sensing

Knowledge Management

Direct support to organisational knowledge management using web-based project management and collaboration software, enabling teams to collaborate and communicate efficiently.

Podio, Microsoft Teams

User-centred Design

Application of user-centred, agile approach in the design and development of custom digital solutions, including data-driven platforms, dashboards, websites and web-based applications.

User-centered design, agile development, human-centered design

Training and Remote Management

In-person and remote training and management support to enumerators and other team members in the use and deployment of digital solutions in Integrity’s projects.

Microsoft Teams, Podio
How We Work

Collaborative working

We turn data in to actionable knowledge. We work collaboratively with our clients to identify knowledge management ‘problems’. We solve them through a blend of innovative processes and powerful technologies to inform decision-making and delivery.

Our in-house Data & Knowledge Management Team work with specialists from our networks and partner organisations to deliver engaging, efficient, and above all, appropriate systems to facilitate understanding and learning.

We constantly strive to utilise and innovate data and knowledge management solutions to enhance the quality of development sector programmes.

We endorse and work to deliver the Principles for Digital Development in our work.

Integrity Data and Knowledge Management Project Summaries

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