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Integrity appointed as a supplier on the WFP LTA for decentralised evaluations

Integrity is pleased to announce that we have recently been appointed as a supplier on the World Food Programme’s (WFP) Long Term Arrangement (LTA) for Decentralised Evaluations and other evaluation services. This is a global framework mechanism running from 2021 to 2024, with a possible additional two-year extension. This contract demonstrates, WFP’s commitment to embedding evaluation into their culture of accountability and learning. It is hoped that these evaluations will help to inform WFP’s future policy and programmes globally.

Decentralised evaluations cover programmes, activities, pilots and themes across sub-national, national and multi-country levels. Integrity has selected a number of well-established resource partners to support our response to each evaluation opportunity, across a number of WFP countries and regions. We will employ our Monitoring Evaluation and Learning specialists and research services for this LTA, whilst simultaneously working across a number of our core thematic areas including Health, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion, Education, Humanitarian Response, and Civil Society.

If you are interested in the WFP LTA for Decentralised Evaluations and would like to work with Integrity on opportunities that are procured downstream please get in touch or register on our consultant database here.