Institutions for Inclusive Development Programme Evaluation for DFID Tanzania

Integrity to conduct Mid-Term Review and Final Evaluation for the Institutions for Inclusive Development Programme for DFID Tanzania

Integrity, leading a consortium which also includes IPE Triple Line and Development Pioneer Consultants (DPC), has been contracted to design and implement the Mid-Term Review (MTR) and Final Evaluation for the Institutions for Inclusive Development (I4ID) Programme for DFID Tanzania.

Through its I4ID programme, the UK is contributing up to £14 million over 5 years (2016‑2021) to strengthen democratic governance institutions in Tanzania. The I4ID programme is designed as a flexible programme that will adapt to the ever changing operating context and experience and understanding gained during implementation. The aim of the MTR and final evaluation will be to provide (a) strategic direction adjustments for the programme (b) learning on flexible and adaptive programming (c) and better understanding of how change happens. (Source)

Integrity has been working in Tanzania since 2014, Integrity’s recent work in Tanzania includes:

You can explore all of Integrity’s work, both regionally and globally by visiting our projects page here.


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