Integrity is proud to support apprenticeships

Integrity is proud to support apprenticeships

For the past two years, Integrity has encouraged apprentices to join its workforce. We recognise that taking on an apprentice is a beneficial experience for both the company and the young professionals.

What are apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships are part of a scheme supported by the UK Government that allows young people to work in a professional environment while simultaneously gaining a nationally recognised qualification. They cover a range of sectors and industries, and focus on a wide range of technical expertise, equipping apprentices with learning and work experience ‘on the job’ (source). Among the benefits of undertaking an apprenticeship are training in vocational skills directly at work, learning the functionality of a workplace, the opportunity for absorption and progression within a company and earning a salary early on.



From left to right: Integrity’s finance apprentices Babatunde Mateola and Stavros Kapsalidis with Finance Manager Agatha Ogbe


Apprentices at Integrity

Integrity’s apprentices span across our directorates, and the work functions they occupy add valuable inputs to the company’s capabilities. To date, Integrity’s apprentices have worked in IT, Finance, and Graphic Design. Our apprentices join the team as core members of staff, and are intimately involved in the business from day one. Integrity has continued to nurture relationships with partner apprenticeship organisations given the talented candidates that they have placed with us. We are proud to be supporting the UK Government to support young people in joining the workforce through professional experience and training.


Shanuj Patel has been Integrity’s IT Apprentice since January 2015.

How do you describe your apprenticeship experience?

It has been a fantastic experience to work and learn at the same time, with the opportunity to meet and work with great people. Integrity has provided excellent support and resources for me during my apprenticeship, which has allowed me to develop my skills at an accelerated rate.

What made you choose an apprenticeship?

The opportunity to gain first-hand workplace experience whilst studying is ideal for my learning style. It allows me to apply the skills I have learnt from training directly to my work. The opportunity also allows me not to miss out on insight which is relevant and up to date to my industry’s practices and standards. Finally, being able to develop a plethora of technical and personal development skills has also been central to my choice.

What has been the greatest benefit of learning while working on the job?

The workplace and hands on experience you get from an apprenticeship has allowed me to continually develop my skills in a real work setting.

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