Integrity’s work on the Syria Crisis Response

Integrity’s work on the Syria Crisis Response

Integrity has been working with international donors on the Syria Crisis Response since 2012. Among the clients we have supported in their vital work surrounding the conflict are the governments of the UK, the US, Denmark and the UAE.

Syria is of particular significance to Integrity as a company, as it is where our founders, Anthony Ellis and Andrew Cleary, met and established its guiding principles. They strived to start a consultancy that would help clients build stability, accountability and prosperity whilst giving a voice to local communities. Our work supporting the Syria Crisis Response aspires to be a testament to this.

Marked by the sadness of the civil conflict that has taken over this country, our work on the Syria Crisis represents an effort to alleviate the effects of this war and play a positive role in supporting livelihoods and dignity in such a difficult environment. We will post more information about specific projects in time. If you would like to know more at this stage, please contact the Integrity team directly.


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