‘Policing Assistance in Armed Conflict: What Can Be Done?’ Briefing note by Alexander Mayer-Rieckh

‘Policing Assistance in Armed Conflict: What Can Be Done?’ Briefing Note by Alexander Mayer-Rieckh

Alexander Mayer-Rieckh, Senior Security & Justice Advisor at Integrity recently published a briefing note entitled ‘Policing Assistance in Armed Conflict: What Can Be Done?’. The report is informed by Integrity’s broader security and justice work in conflict-affected states, and aims to give a general view in to what is possible with police development programmes in these contexts.

The briefing note explores and challenges the position that policing assistance can deliver truly effective and accountable policing amid conflict. The note is divided in three sections. The first section discusses policing assistance in general. The second section describes what happens to the police and other policing actors in situations of internal armed conflict. The third and final section proposes what policing assistance can realistically be provided in conflict.

To view Kathryn Rzeszut and Alexander discussing ‘Improving community security and access to justice in active conflicts: can it be done?’ at ODI, click here.

To read Alexander’s complete briefing note click here.


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