New article on conducting PEA in fragile states – the DRC

New article on conducting political economy analysis in fragile states

In a new article, Integrity’s Services Manager Alex Martins explores the importance of political economy analysis (PEA) and how Integrity ensures it adopts adequate, informed methodologies when undertaking PEA studies in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Alex’s article explores why PEA is particularly useful in development programming, the applicability of PEA in the DRC, key lessons on research methodology and recommendations for future programming. It aims to shed light on the complexities of conducting PEA in DRC and to stimulate debate around how PEA can be leveraged in fragile states and the DRC in particular.

PEA is one of several tools that donors and their implementing partners use to better understand the context in complex operating environments, particularly in fragile and conflict affected states. PEA provides a unique perspective on identifying entry points for programming by analysing barriers and enabling factors, potential ‘winners and losers’ that will be affected by different approaches, and the wider structural and institutional context.

Click here to view or download Alex’s article.

If you would like to discuss the article with Alex, please contact her directly at [email protected].

You can also see a selection of Integrity’s past work in the DRC here.

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