Project win: mid-term evaluation of the Somalia Stability Fund

Project win: mid-term evaluation of the Somalia Stability Fund

Integrity has recently been commissioned to conduct a mid-term evaluation of the UK Department for International Development’s (DFID) Somalia Stability Fund (SSF) in partnership with Axiom and OPM. The mid-term evaluation, procured through the Global Evaluation Framework Agreement (GEFA), aims to generate learning on the SSF’s relevance and effectiveness, with the objective of informing the SSF’s future phases.

The SSF is designed to be flexible and responsive to changes in local contexts – essential in such fluid environment – and commits to key principles including:

  • Local ownership first
  • Building capacity through implementation
  • The role of politics
  • Attention to marginalised and vulnerable groups
  • Learn and adapt

The SSF’s donors include the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, UAE, Norway, Sweden and, as of May 2015, the European Union. It provides ongoing funding to a variety of projects designed to improve development in Somalia. Examples of past initiatives funded by the SSF include investing in a greener Somalia (an economic growth initiative; more here) and empowering women and young people in Bossasso (a capacity development and economic empowerment initiative; more here).

Integrity is excited to be part of a project that is committed to standards that will provide meaningful change in Somalia and contribute to building its long term stability.

Find out more about the SSF on its dedicated website,

Use our interactive map to view our work in Somalia and globally here, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with Esther de Vreede for more detailed information about Integrity’s work in Somalia at [email protected].


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