Gaining Insight Sudan And South Sudan

Gaining Insight Sudan And South Sudan

Michael Ryder, former UK Special Representative for Sudan and South Sudan and now chairman of Peace Direct, came to Integrity as the guest speaker for a workshop on the transition and emerging trends within Sudan and South Sudan.

Leading UK diplomatic engagement with Sudan during the 2011 referendum on independence and the subsequent formation of South Sudan, Michael is therefore uniquely placed to highlight the underlying dynamics and ongoing tensions between these two states, as the oil crisis that crippled both countries comes to an end.

Integrity has had a permanent office in Juba since before independence and has delivered a number of research, evaluation based and survey centred projects for a variety of different organisations. Understanding the nuances of context and environment is therefore central to Integrity delivering high quality, accurate work. During this session, Michael gave expert insight into the internal political dynamics within these countries, elucidating the concerns of international actors, and outlining the vulnerabilities for further conflict. Addressing key issues such as the Lamu Pipeline Project and the Nuba Mountains Insurgency, Michael expanded on the development prospects and challenges in Sudan and South Sudan, discussing the realignment of DfID priorities in the region and highlighting areas of concern for foreign investors.

Integrity would like to thank Michael for sharing his understanding of these countries, allowing the team at Integrity to further our expertise in a region that will continue to be prominent in global consciousness as domestic and international actors attempt to build on developmental gains and prevent further conflict.

Please contact Integrity research analyst Howard Murray at [email protected] for more information.

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