Mapping Of M&E Actors In South Sudan

Mapping Of M&E Actors In South Sudan

In February of this year, Integrity consolidated a report summarising local actors in South Sudan who potentially have the capacity to undertake both research and monitoring and evaluation activities.

The findings from previous research conducted by Integrity in South Sudan were then highlighted in order to illustrate the limitations of the research capacity in the country more fully; a feasibility assessment for the development of a research training programme in South Sudan and a scoping study for the Joint Donor Team looking into the potential for funding civil society organisations and boosting demand-side governance in South Sudan.

The results of this research highlighted the limitations of research capacity in South Sudan and the challenges with attempting to work with local partners. The report outlined the limitations of the sector, discussing government access, civil society, and the core problems with the supply and organization and management of researchers and the paucity of training. Using this information, Integrity compiled a brief gap analysis to see where the disparity between supply and demand lay.

This research highlighted that even where capacity did exist, basic skills were fundamentally lacking. Local capabilities were very low and, in most cases, international organisations were gap filling or providing funding – fully functional local organisations were not yet available. Organisational, management and skilled capacity was very low in all local organisations.

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