South Sudan Reconciliation Programme

South Sudan Reconciliation Programme

Since independence, South Sudan has witnessed many positive developments, but the legacies of war have left behind a number of challenges for ongoing development. Initiatives of Change International (IoC) and its local entity, Initiatives of Change South Sudan, were asked by Vice President Dr Riak Machar to support the government in its attempt to develop a national reconciliation programme to begin in 2013. Integrity provided support on the engagement methodology design and monitoring framework.

The project had two phases; in Phase 1, the Integrity team helped IoC to develop a high quality, donor-friendly Technical and Cost Proposal, which then assisted IoC and partners to liaise with potential donors for additional financing, and to ensure the requisite stakeholder buy-in for the initiative to take off. In Phase 2, we provided an indication of how we could support further activities, including liaison with potential donors, internal stakeholder engagement and project facilitation.

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