Integrity Insights: Our Year In Review

One of Integrity’s core strengths is our ability to adapt and respond in challenging situations. It is perhaps inevitable therefore, that this year has been a super busy period for us.  

The world is experiencing a series of overlapping crisis, many of which are interrelated; from conflict to food insecurity to the pandemic. In 2022, we have witnessed how climate change has become a threat multiplier increasing the scale and complexity of the crisis that vulnerable communities face. 

The global community has witnessed the war unfold in Ukraine, the fallout from the Taliban’s resurgence in Afghanistan and, most recently, Pakistan’s devastating floods, and the global displacement of people reaching record levels. In these fast-paced, high-pressure times, decision makers and implementers need timely, high-quality, context-aware, and conflict-sensitive information. Integrity’s expert services and networks have been busily responding.  

Amongst the bustle of project delivery, we recognise that taking time to pause and reflect is an important step in all our learning and so, as we come to the end of 2022, we have reviewed the year gone by and taken stock of what we have achieved: 

  • Over the year, we have delivered important and high-quality services to 23 key clients. We have worked across several diverse and challenging assignments, ranging from monitoring humanitarian relief programmes, evaluating programming to counter authoritarian regime aggression, researching conflicts around the globe, assisting a multinational engineering firm to transition to a sustainable business model, and helping foundations be more effective in their charitable work.
  • We have welcomed 16 new staff members to the Integrity team. As our portfolio and geographical reach continue to grow, we are thrilled to be increasing expertise in our US office and in our East Africa team. We encourage you to visit our opportunities pages to find out more. 

 We strengthened our networks and developed operations in South Sudan, Iraq, and Somalia to support USAID programs, as well as becoming USAID’s global field support programme provider for Peacebuilding Evaluation, Analysis, Research, and Learning (PEARL). As ever, we continue to work across UK Government to deliver high quality evidence to aide complex decision-making in troubled regions. 

 In 2023, we hope that the world will be less turbulent, but we also know that we need to remain poised and professional. As our team grows in size and strength, we remain committed in our quest to provide expert evidence and delivery and contribute to impactful programme and policy decisions that lead to positive and sustainable global change.  

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