Alexandra Tyson-Beer discusses research methods with IntoUniversity students

Alex Tyson-Beer discusses research methods with IntoUniversity students

Integrity Business Manager Alexandra Tyson-Beer visited Paddington Academy, West London last month with IntoUniversity’s Careers in FOCUS Programme to introduce secondary school students to careers in International Development.

Students engaged in a lively debate about the pros and cons of international aid and development, discussed the practicalities of working in fragile and conflict affected states and questioned how they could get involved now and in the future. Following a tutorial on the differences between qualitative and quantitative data gathering, students conducted a simulated research study into each other’s opinions on how to best spend a school grant to improve services for students, which fast food outlet they would most like to have nearby and which ice cream flavour would next take the teenage market by storm.

Many thanks to IntoUniversity North Kensington, Centre Leader Rebecca Lever and  Paddington Academy for hosting us!IU LOGO

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