Integrity Project Update: Human Rights in Tanzania

Integrity project update: Strengthening the Protection of Human Rights in Tanzania – Civil and Political Rights Tracking Project (CPRT)

Kenya 002Integrity is celebrating the implementation of the first of three years of the Civil and Political Rights Tracking project known as UHAKIKI.  The project aims to help strengthen and provide technical support to the Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC) in and its network in Tanzania. The LHRC is widely considered a key human rights organisation by civil society peers, advising CSOs, DFID, and others to provide legal aid, advocate human rights, such as in relation to the Constitutional Review Process. Integrity is carrying out the £1 million project in partnership with Triple Line and Development Pioneers Consultants (DPC).

Among the projects key objectives are:

  • Strengthening reporting and dissemination on civil and political rights by the LHRC and its network,
  • The adoption of tracking methodology by the LHRC and its network to track priority civil and political rights,
  • Strengthening the LHRC and its network’s capabilities to measure performance and gather robust data and evidence,
  • Improved advocacy for civil and political rights through coalition building and networking and,
  • Strengthening analysis and communications on civil and political rights for the LHRC and its network.

The ultimate goal of the UHAKIKI project is to contribute to strengthening the LHRC’s capacity to actively engage citizens on key civil and political rights issues, better inform citizens on these issues. These outcomes hope to contribute to increased protection of civil and political rights through strengthening civil society.

In it’s first year, the consortium has supported the development of a perception methodology to track civil and political rights, provided training in advocacy and communications, and jointly produce thematic briefs in an effort to strengthen analysis and writing skills. Over the next two years, emphasis will be placed on supporting the LHRC to strengthen it’s annual human rights report and further develop a strong evidence base on civil and political rights.

You can read more on the project here.

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