Integrity’s CEO interviewed on Monocle Radio’s ‘The Globalist’

Integrity’s CEO interviewed on Monocle Radio’s ‘The Globalist’

On 10th March Integrity CEO Anthony Ellis was interviewed on Monocle Radio’s The Globalist programme as part of its series on contested territories around the world, such as Western Sahara, Cyprus and the Spratly Islands, in the context of the current conflict in the Crimea.

This was the first programme in the series and focused on the conflict in South Sudan where Integrity has had a field programme for nearly three years and delivered a portfolio of more than thirty research, programme design and technical assistance projects for international donors like the World Bank, DFID and the EU.

Anthony was asked about what has happened since independence three years ago, the nature of the current conflict that has erupted between forces loyal to the president Salva Kiir and the ex-vice president Riek Machar, how oil has factored into the issue and the services Integrity provides to help develop countries and move them away from conflict.

“There are different conflicts happening in South Sudan that overlap and consume different groups, one conflict over self-determination that you are seeing happening now. There is the ongoing simmering conflict with the north but also between different factions of the SPLA. There is an ongoing trade-war and armed conflict along the borderlands. There is a struggle within the SPLA and SPLM over representation and leadership. Then there are the struggles over resource use, oilfields, waterholes, cattle, the wealth of the country. Each of these conflicts expresses themselves differently in different geographies within South Sudan so it’s a very complex picture to unravel.”

You can listen to the full programme by clicking here

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