South Sudan Update

South Sudan Update

new juba office signIntegrity has maintained a field office in Juba, South Sudan since independence. In that time we have developed a valued network of South Sudanese consultants in all ten states and have delivered substantial, qualitative and quantitative research, design, monitoring and evaluation work for DFID and the FCO, the World Bank and several development and humanitarian aid agencies. Like the rest of the international development community, we are investing significant effort into understanding the current developments in South Sudan and what they mean for how we operate in-country.

In many ways, our work in South Sudan has been the test case for our model, demonstrating that a commitment to quality research and collaboration with local partners results in rigorous, high-value work. Given the impact that the coming weeks will have on the country and its people’s safety and wellbeing, Integrity will be reaching out to our clients and others in the international community, urging them to be minded of the need to underpin decision making with high-quality, rigorous research and assessments.

We hope to leverage our network of consultants across the country to gather accurate on-the-ground information for the international community, as it is clear, thus far, that access to reliable, unbiased information remains challenging. By, “engaging local consultants in South Sudan…,” says Peter Wai Wai, Juba-based Security & Logistics Officer, “…donors can be better advised on security issues and progress made in the areas of research or survey activities.”

Despite the increased effort required to conduct such work, Integrity will continue to emphasise that rigorous research will be critical in the coming weeks and months. A clearer picture of the situation and local dynamics will ensure that humanitarian aid is distributed as needed, movements are clearly documented and analysed, and donor–funded activities impact positively on the situation at hand.

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