Sophie SporticheSenior Expert, Research, Evidence and Analysis

Sophie Sportiche – Senior Expert, Research, Evidence and Analysis

Sophie is a Senior Expert in Research, Evidence and Analysis at Integrity, based in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. She has contributed to several Integrity projects in Syria, including third-party monitoring of a policing and access to justice programme and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) for a capacity building programme for civil society organisations.

Before joining Integrity, Sophie provided research, project development, and M&E support for various humanitarian and development organisations, such as the Norwegian Refugee Council, Lebanon INGO Forum, International Organization for Migration, and World Food Programme. Since moving to MENA as a journalist in 2011, she has acquired more than seven years of experience in the region. Areas she has worked on include migration governance and management, access to justice, protection, and stabilization.

Sophie has a BA in History from Brown University and an MPhil in Modern Middle Eastern Studies from Oxford University.


Research, Monitoring and Evaluation, Political Economy Analysis, Conflict and Development


English, French, Dutch, Arabic

Country Experience

Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Syria

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