Jim HughesDirector and Chief Operating Officer

Jim Hughes – Director and Chief Operating Officer

Jim is Integrity’s Chief Operating Officer based in London. He has over 20 years’ experience in risk management, strategy development, and operational planning both within and outside of conflict-affected environments.

Jim is a natural team leader and personnel manager able to build coherent teams that can deliver complex projects in challenging environments. Throughout his career as a British Army Officer, Jim has travelled to over 40 countries and has extensive operational experience of working with international and national partners. He has worked at the centre of UK Government in the Ministry of Defence and in partnership with the Cabinet Office, Foreign Office and Home Office.

Jim holds a Politics degree from Loughborough University. During his career in the Army, Jim was deployed on military operations to Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Northern Ireland. He has been stationed in the UK, Germany, the Falklands Islands, Australia and New Zealand.


Risk Management, Data and Knowledge Management, Operational Planning, Strategy and Corporate Development, Management and Leadership, Human Resources


English, French (basic)

Country Experience

Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Kenya

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