Third Party Validation, Monitoring and Research Peer Review of Delivering Accelerated Family Planning in Pakistan (DAFPAK)

Country / date: Pakistan, 2019-2022

Client: Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) Pakistan

Integrity is the Third-Party Validation and Monitoring lead for DAFPAK, FCDO’s £90m, multi-year investment into family planning across Pakistan. In this role, Integrity has the responsibility to validate and monitor the delivery of all implementation partners through quarterly progress reviews, six-monthly field validations and annual surveys. In addition, we are the convenor of the M&E Working Group and Research Working Group, which provide guidance to partners in each area and help to promote consistency and high-quality delivery.

Our work across all components gives us a unique insight into the successes and challenges that partners face in delivering Family Planning services and change in Pakistan.

During the COVID-19 crisis, the Integrity team has worked with FCDO and partners to pivot the DAFPAK programme towards the Pakistan Government response. For further information on our work in this, please see our recent article:

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