Strengthening the Protection of Human Rights in Tanzania – Civil and Political Rights Tracking Project (CPRT) (UHAKIKI)

Country / Date: Tanzania, 2014 – 2017

Partner: FCDO Tanzania

Project objective(s): The FCDO-funded UHAKIKI project aimed to improve public discourse on civil and political rights in Tanzania. Through on-going capacity development support by a pool of international experts, the UHAKIKI project provided strategic support to Tanzania’s Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC) and its network to improve civil and political rights tracking, advocacy and outreach. Integrity led on project management including activity and resource planning, financial reporting and forecasting and project risk analysis and reporting led on developing and maintaining a functional and productive relationship with LHRC and its network, and contributed to technical capacity development areas such as tracking, advocacy, communications and research.

Project outcome(s): The UHAKIKI project supported LHRC to enhance tracking, advocacy and public outreach on civil and political rights in Tanzania. The UHAKIKI project team specifically supported LHRC to develop a bottom-up perception index to enhance reporting on civil and political rights and to enhance the quality and dissemination of the Tanzania Human Rights Report that LHRC publishes annually.

You can read the 2016 Index in full here in Swahili and English:

Perceptions Report Index 2016 (Kiswahili)
Tanzania Civil and Political Rights Perceptions Index 2016

The project also provided strategic guidance to inform the design of a campaign targeting rights holders and duty bearers on key civil and political rights issues.

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