Real Time Evaluations of the UAE’s Syria Humanitarian Portfolio

Country/date: Syria, 2016

Partner: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC)

Integrity conducted real-time evaluations of four projects in the UAE’s humanitarian portfolio in Syria. Working for the UAE’s Ministry of International Cooperation and Development, Integrity assessed humanitarian projects implemented by WFP (two), UNICEF and UNRWA.

The purpose of the evaluations was to generate understanding on the relevance of the IP implementation to the UAE’s humanitarian objectives, the efficiency and effectiveness of those partnerships, the coherence of project objectives and their overall coverage.

Integrity not only evaluated the UAE-funded projects but also advised the Ministry on how to configure its future humanitarian support to maximise efficiency and impact. This is a reflection of our broader approach to monitoring, evaluation and learning – to ensure our outputs are relevant and useful to our clients.

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