Evaluation for the Yemen Forum Phase II Project

Country/ date: UK, Yemen, 2013

Partner: Chatham House

Project Objectives: Integrity completed an evaluation of the FCDO funded Yemen Forum Phase II implemented by Chatham House from 2011 to 2013. The project was established to generate high quality research on critical issues affecting Yemen. This aimed to inform international stakeholders and bring together youth activists, civil society and policy makers to build networks that contributed to a successful political transition.

The evaluation assessed the effectiveness of the Yemen forum in light of two core objectives. Firstly, it tried to determine to what extent the forum generated high quality research publications based on themes relevant to the evolving political context in Yemen. Secondly, the assessment explored the impact the forum had in establishing a platform in which both international and Yemeni stakeholders could interact and obtain a better understanding of each other’s perspectives on the transition.

Project Outcomes: The lessons learned through this evaluation were applied by Chatham House to inform future strategies and designs for research and projects on issues affecting the Middle East and North Africa. The findings were also used by FCDO to feed into its Project Completion Report for the Yemen Forum Phase II.

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