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Climate Security

Climate Security

Climate change and biodiversity loss is one of the greatest risks to human security, from the community right through to the global level. Integrity applies an ambitious approach that mainstreams climate security throughout the programme cycle, drawing on innovative research, design and monitoring, evaluation and learning approaches.

In today’s context of accelerated climate change, embedding climate and biodiversity protection in all programmes and evaluations, regardless of the focus of the programme, is necessary.

The interface between climate breakdown, human security and societal impact is changing and complex. We understand the intertwined challenges that come from environmental degradation and climate breakdown.

We work with our clients to comprehend and address pivotal and defining challenges.

We do this in three ways:

  1. Supporting Community Resilience: Our participatory approach to resilience seeks to first learn from communities to then help governments and development actors improve and adapt disaster risk reduction systems, invest in environmental safeguarding initiatives, and reduce the root causes of climate-led conflict and instability.
  2. Identifying Evidence Gaps And Understanding Impact: Through research and evaluations, Integrity works to understand the relationships between complex human and natural systems.
  3. Tackling Climate Drivers Of Conflict And Instability: Our extensive expertise in research, evidence generation and risk management, enables us to support our partners and clients to incorporate climate security considerations at policy and programming levels.

Climate Security Project Summaries