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Supporting Local Media Development, Syria

Supporting Local Media Development, Syria

Supporting Local Media Development, Syria



Project Objectives

Inform the organisation’s engagement strategy for developing local media in a conflict environment, with the goal of promoting good governance, social justice and democratization.

Project Outputs

Integrity undertook primary, qualitative research on the media environment in three communities in Syria: one in a predominantly Kurdish city, another in a city suburb experiencing active violent conflict, and another in a relatively stable city. Whilst each of the communities represented a unique media context, the research identified a number of crosscutting themes, including: how the concept of ‘free media’ is understood differently; intergenerational differences and tensions between younger ‘media activists’ and more seasoned, professional journalists; and underlying issues concerning the lack of infrastructure and security which both significantly inhibit media activity.


Stability, Accountability, Prosperity

Integrity sets the international standard for ethically delivered, expert services in conflict, post-conflict and fragile contexts. Through our work, we transform conflict and build stability, accountability and prosperity.

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