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David Ellis

David Ellis

David Ellis
Director and Chief Financial Officer

David Ellis — Director and Chief Financial Officer

As Integrity’s Chief Financial Officer based in London, David is responsible for the Financial Management, Compliance and Procurement functions across the company, both in the UK and our overseas offices. He supports all financial aspects of Integrity’s operations ensuring Integrity complies with International law and best business practices.

Prior to Integrity, David spent five years utilising mathematical models to analyse financial markets as well as the associated operational processes with trades. He also worked as a consultant to the UK Treasury delivering financial policy as the lead analyst on banking taxation. He was the lead analyst for the Bank Levy Team which designed and implemented the Bank Levy tax that was enshrined into the tax law in 2010.

David is a financial analysis expert whit ten years of experience implementing financial processes and operating procedures to manage financial and corporate risk. David holds a BA in Pure Mathematics from the University of Sheffield and has worked with Integrity in London since its launch.


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