Syrian Society in Conflict: Women’s CSOs and Service Delivery

Syrian Society in Conflict Report Series

Today Integrity is releasing the first of six papers in a report series titled Syrian Society in Conflict. Based upon research conducted in Syria in February and March 2014, this research is part of a series to share our findings in a format that provides our Syrian partners with relevant information, usable tools and methodologies. This re-enforces the mutual relationship we strive to maintain in our dealings with all our research partners and underpins our entire ethos. The first publication to be released is Syrian Society in Conflict: Syrian Women’s CSOs and Service Delivery. Based on respondent interviews, conducted in Hassakeh, Idlib, Damascus, Rif Damascus, Homms and Aleppo, this report recommends focused engagement with women’s CSOs across three levels: 1. Filling gaps in gender-sensitive service delivery (i.e. health and education services) and scaling up activities in sectors where women’s organisations have comparative advantage (i.e. skills training and livelihoods support); 2. Building the institutional capacities of women’s organisations to deliver services in a more professional and sustainable manner; and 3. Technical and leadership support for the role of women within service delivery and public bodies such as Local Administrative Councils (LACs) A full copy of the report is available here. For more information on this report and Integrity’s work in MENA please contact [email protected]

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