Building Conflict Sensitivity Into Our Work

Building Conflict Sensitivity Into Our Work

In March Integrity CEO Anthony Ellis and Conflict Specialist Dr James Khalil attended CDA Collaborative Learning Projects‘ DFID-funded Reflecting on Peace Practise Programme. The training took place in Barcelona in partnership with the the Barcelona International Peace Resource Center.

It comprised an intensive five day series of lectures, scenarios and training exercises regarding strategic programming in peace-building. Concepts and frameworks were introduced and examined including an approach to conflict analysis, programme strategy development, theories of change and evaluation of programme impact.

At Integrity we continue to evolve our integrated approach to conflict analysis, theory of change and design, monitoring and evaluation. CDA’s inputs have been a well-timed opportunity to evaluate the merits of existing methodologies and approaches. Integrity continues to embed the concepts and processes around Do No Harm, and conflict and context sensitivity into our own research and implementation and those of our partners and clients.

Dr Khalil and Integrity’s Head of Design Monitoring and Evaluation Martine Zeuthen are leading on this method development. Nuanced, localised and multi-lens conflict analysis and assessment are a key offering from Integrity in this context as exampled by our recent and freely available Strategic Conflict Assessment comparing the drivers of conflict in both Mon and Kachin states in Myanmar.

If you would like to learn more about how to build conflict and context sensitivity into your programming please don’t hesitate to contact either Martine or James.

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