English Training For National Police Service

English Training For National Police Service

Between September and December of 2012, Integrity developed and delivered a pilot support programme for the Department for International Development’s (DFID) Safety and Access to Justice Programme (SAJP) in South Sudan. The objective was to assess and coach 12 newly trained police EFL trainers in designing and giving classes and support them in the commencement of courses in 4 states.

The pilot was undertaken with Garry Corcoran, our Head of Training and Capacity Building at the helm, to identify a methodology that would enable a greater number of the police service to be trained as teachers and for the eventual delivery of English language training to over 10,000 individuals. The pilot had to be pragmatic, contextualised and flexible. Integrity assembled a highly experienced team who constructed an integrated and bespoke programme of activities which provided the initial training in teaching ESL. This was followed by the teachers returning to their states and delivering a four week English for Beginners training course, supported by an EFL specialist through a ‘coaching’ model’.

Using a coaching methodology helped reduce feelings of isolation, increased confidence and self-esteem, professional growth, increased self-reflection and problem-solving capacities, and the assimilation of their coaches’ practices. Coaching support enabled the teachers to develop collaborative skills and begin contextualising their course deliveries and showed the potential effectiveness of a

For more information on this project please contact Melyn McKay at [email protected].

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