Growing Our Capacity In The Horn Of Africa

Growing Our Capacity In The Horn Of Africa

Martine Zeuthen, our Head of Design, Monitoring and Evaluation, has relocated to Nairobi to expand and strengthen our work in the Horn of Africa. Nairobi is one of the central hubs for regional development and stabilisation operations in the Horn of Africa and the decision to establish a permanent post in Nairobi developed organically from the increasing need to coordinate our work across the region.

Martine will build upon Integrity’s previous research projects and evaluations undertaken in Kenya and Somalia, as well as provide regional support to our offices in South Sudan. Martine is meeting with a range of NGOs, government departments, UN agencies and development organisations to emphasise our approach to local partnering and research capacity building in the Horn of Africa, and our on the ground network of local partners, researchers and evaluators. She is committed to discovering the best way to use Integrity’s new presence in Nairobi to enhance the local and regional services we provide to our clients.

We are co-located in Nairobi with with our partners Intermedia Development Consultant’s (IDC) in their offices in Lavington.

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