Garment Workers And Rural Manufacturing

Garment Workers And Rural Manufacturing

Integrity was contracted in June 2012 by CARE Bangladesh to develop learning papers on garment workers and rural manufacturing and private sector engagement (PSE) strategy.

CARE Bangladesh has one of the largest NGO programmes linking rural and urban poor to national and international supply chains in Asia. Under the objectives of CARE’s PPA4 (DFID funding), Integrity conducted an assessment of two of CARE Bangladesh’s major private sector interventions:

1) Workforce engagement, literacy and health projects in the ready-made garment sector

2) Rural manufacturing units for export

In addition, Integrity facilitated the drawing together of CARE Bangladesh’s private sector engagement strategy.

The learning papers were developed through a document review, semi-structured interviews with CARE staff, project beneficiaries and private sector partners, and a cost effectiveness analysis.

For more information contact Kate Ives at [email protected].

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