Community Relations In South Sudan’s Oil Sector

Community Relations In South Sudan’s Oil Sector

Integrity and Norwegian People’s Aid have published an investigation of business-community relations in the oil sector in South Sudan.

The report is the first of its kind written from the perspective of the oil companies themselves. Drawing on a series of interviews with mid and senior level representatives from South Sudan-based oil companies and consortia, the analysis highlights the many logistical, political and human resource challenges they face. In addition, oil companies lack understanding of the fragile community context in which they operate, which can aggravate conflict. These challenges result in poorly developed and implemented corporate responsibility strategies.

Recommendations were discussed with a wide range of stakeholders at a conference in Malakal in August. We propose the formation of a multi-stakeholder Oil National Working Group, with responsibility to develop consensus on objectives for the sector, input on new legislation and regulation and build voluntary governance and best practice standards.

We also recommend the need to build civil society capacity to hold the sector to account, and to provide support to the oil companies where relevant, particularly regarding needs assessments and community engagement strategies.

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