Research-Training Feasibility Assessment

Research-Training Feasibility Assessment

Integrity was commissioned by Cordaid in May 2011 to undertake a feasibility assessment for the development of a research-training programme in South Sudan. Marc Buchner, our Head of Office, and Augustino Ting, one of our local consultants and himself a PhD candidate in demography, started with a gap analysis assessing the specific needs and appetite for the development of a research training programme.

They began with a review of the existing research sources and capability in place, and then conducted a supplementary survey in order to identify current needs and the appetite for support from stakeholders conducting and requiring research and research training in South Sudan. On establishing those needs the study had a secondary goal of establishing what such a programme would be like, and how it might be implemented. The study sought to arrive at practicable recommendations to solve key institutional problems affecting progress in this area.

A mixed quantitative and qualitative methodology was employed to gain coverage of general trends across the research-training environment and understand more specific challenges and impressions of the individual departments, organisations and individuals interviewed. Interviews were undertaken with a large sample of representatives from relevant government ministries, departments, commissions and other key stakeholders, including members of the international community.

For more information contact Marc Buchner at [email protected].

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