Governance In Sierra Leone

Governance In Sierra Leone

The first few days of my time in Sierra Leone evaluating Tiri’s Pro-Poor Integrity programmes have been focused on meeting the partnersand other stakeholders involved in Tiri’s governance programmes that Integrity
is currently reviewing. Over the coming days I will be meeting local partner organisations to see the activities and projects they have been implementing.

The idea behind the client’s programme is to improve integrity and governance in local councils with the ultimate goal of improving service delivery in four Millennium Development Goal areas, education, health, water and sanitation and social protection.

One local partner here is working on a good governance programme at a private university. They intend to teach local councillors and other stakeholders about integrity, transparency and accountability in relation to their work as government officials. Other partners are working with civil society structures in the provinces to encourage people to raise their voices and express their needs and ensure better service delivery.

With the war only recently ended and governance structures still fragile, the challenges the projects face are considerable. I am looking forward during the coming days to gaining a better understanding of the influence of the various provincial projects and meeting the people that are the ultimate beneficiaries.

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