Evidence, Analysis and Coordination Programme (EACP), DRC

Country / date: Democratic Republic of Congo, April 2013 – Ongoing


Project objective(s): Integrity’s longest running project seeks to challenge and improve DFID DRC’s understanding of the political economy context in DRC. The project combines research management and technical expertise to support and improve DFID DRC’s programming in a range of provinces and sectors.

Project outcome(s): Integrity, as part of a larger consortium, has produced a large volume of political economy analysis (PEA) and other research studies on different provinces (including Kasai Occidental and Equateur) and sectors (including mining and health pay reform) to feed into DFID programming across DRC. The findings from the studies are presented on a periodic basis to the DFID team in Kinshasa and shared more broadly with other key stakeholders. The research has identified various barriers to, or key enablers of, change based on an analysis of how power is distributed among different actors. The programme has also increased the knowledge and expertise that DFID is able to access, through targeted events and management of an online Expert Platform.