Syria Essential Services – Good Governance and Economic Recovery Task Order

Dates: July 2020 – November 2026

Client: USAID via Blumont

Project Objectives:

Integrity is a sub contractor for Blumont under Task Order 1 Essential Services in Syria Program – Building Resilient and Inclusive Communities in Conflict – (BRICC).  In July 2020 an IDIQ was signed between Blumont and Integrity that runs from July 20, 2020 – November 30, 2026. Under this IDIQ Contract, Integrity is issued several Task Orders to obtain services within specific technical areas. These services will be procured on an individual Task Order (TO) basis, which may be issued during the period of performance.

Technical areas covered under this IDIQ include communications, reporting, research, Analysis, monitoring, evaluation, and learning, most likely in the governance, agriculture, and energy sectors.

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