Supporting governance and basic service delivery in opposition-controlled communities (TAMKEEN)

Country / date: Syria, 2013-2016

Partner: Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO)

As part of a consortium we designed and implemented TAMKEEN, a governance and basic service delivery programme in opposition held communities in Syria.

We partnered on the delivery of this community-based approach to governance and basic service delivery, including at the time Aleppo city and countryside, Idlib, Damascus countryside. In the absence of central government authority and service delivery, we worked with individuals on a community-to-community basis to build legitimate local authorities empowered to prioritise and deliver basic services. Tamkeen supported services from health to education to infrastructure over a three-year period in communities in extreme need and suffering from persistent violent conflict.

This project demonstrates our ability to design and manage large-scale programming, including in conflict-affected states.

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