Research and evaluation support to Syria Essential Services II

Country / date: Syria, 2016-2019

Partner: Blumont, USAID Syria

The protracted conflict in Syria resulted in critical damage to infrastructure and an alarming reduction in essential services at both the community and governorate levels. While much of the damage occurred during armed clashes, the suspension of public utility institutions and the absence of financial support also contributed to a decline in adequate local infrastructure. Large numbers of internally displaced persons put pressure on existing services and accelerated the aging of infrastructure. Syria Essential Services II enhances local governance structures by rehabilitating essential services in key sectors that have suffered neglect and damage due to the protracted civil war.

Integrity were the in-house providers of evidence to inform SESII basic service delivery in conflict-affected parts of Syria. This involved, a series of planned and ad hoc political economy analyses, thematic reports, in depth studies, assessments and evaluation products. Our team, based in Beirut, Amman and inside Syria, provided SES II with the knowledge and understanding it needed to deliver basic services in this active conflict zone. The team were flexible and adaptive in meeting SES II and USAID’s requirements to understand the dynamic Syrian context. We managed the safety and security of our team through our operational platform in the Middle East and London HQ.

This support to SES II demonstrates our capacity to build, deploy and manage teams in conflict environments, all the while delivering focused, useful evidence products to enable our client’s delivery.

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