Research to the Integrated Governance Activity Program (IGA) in DRC

Country / date: Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2017-2020

Partner: USAID

The overall purpose of IGA is to strengthen key governance institutions in order to improve the delivery of health, education, economic growth, and other government services at the community level and to strengthen the social contract between citizens and government.

USAID believes that by enabling the Government of DRC to assume its responsibilities (through strengthened capacity) and increasing its accountability to citizens, improvements to service delivery will be more sustainable and result in better health, education, and economic outcomes for beneficiary populations.

The activity has three objectives:

  • Strengthen the capacity of select Congolese government institutions (both executive and legislative branch) to fulfil their mandates;
  • Enhance collaboration between targeted sub-national government entities and citizens; and
  • Increase citizen demand for accountable, transparent and participatory government services.

Integrity conducts formative research for the programme in the form of Political Economy Analysis (PEA) to support its design and delivery.

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